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Ryan & Miho, a male Turkish name and a female Japanese name to characterise the iconic Hamman and Onsen baths unique to this place. They represent the eclectic mix of lifestyles from the extroverted and exuberant thrill-seeking to the peaceful, self-sustainable solitude, all finding fulfilment here in a residence made for all.

Find yourself in an oasis of rejuvenating leisure among the upbeat vibrancy of urban PJ Section 13. At Ryan & Miho, a stylish, contemporary residence with the privilege of one-of-a-kind lifestyle facilities awaits you.

Made for Leisure

With facilities spanning a staggering 2.2 acres (90,000 sq.ft.), Ryan & Miho is all about bestowing leisure and complete relaxation as the privilege of every resident. Experience a refreshing list of facilities like the Turkish Hammam, Japanese Onsen, gymnasium, multi-purpose hall with attached cafeteria, and swimming pools.

Designed for Urban Comfort

Ryan & Miho meets the challenge of balancing compact modern living with spacious comfort by employing ingenuity in designing high efficiency layouts with a practical approach. The outcome is an urban hideaway centred on quality living and high-privacy ideal for the young.

Master-crafted Landscape

The landscaping of Ryan & Miho is intricately conceptualised and crafted by multiple award-winning architect Seksan & TNT. It features a quartet of themed gardens – wilderness garden, manicured garden, herbs & spice farm, and the lush tropical garden, creating an immersing ambiance of lushness and tranquility.

In the Realm of Opportunities

Pure Residential Living in the vicinity of mixed development, provide you a place call home with sustainable and practical layout, from 680sqft to 988sqft, 2 to 3 rooms.

The booming of PJ 13- The conversion to a mixed development opens up the door to many possibilities, which will greatly benefit the area as it would attract multinational corporations, inevitably rendering the enclave a vibrant commercial hub.

The surrounding amenities and the connectivity to major roads and expressways makes Ryan & Miho a convenient base to attain a lifestyle of unparalleled variety.

Pedestrian sky bridges link Ryan & Miho to adjacent commercial developments, creating the ultimate urban living experience where all lifestyle demands can be met within walking distance.

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